Andrew Hadley

A Citizen of Somewhere

I am a committed internationalist and I believe that in these uncertain times it is vital that we grow closer links with other countries, and embrace diversity at home, instead of building walls or opening up cultural divides. More than ever, we need to give our young people opportunities to interact with, and learn from, their peers in other countries and cultures – not only because this makes them more confident, open-minded and employable, but also because the future prosperity, security and reputation of our country depends upon it. This philosophy is fundamental to my life.

An Informal Interview


I studied Classics at Oxford University, graduating in 1983. After working in Turkey as an English teacher for two years, I joined the British Council, where I spent 20 years in a variety of management and policy jobs, living in Ethiopia, China, Greece and North Macedonia. In 2005 I was awarded the MBE for my international work with young people. I now specialise in intercultural and education projects, events and networks. I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. My interests include music, arts, astronomy, travel and languages. I am married with 3 grown-up children, and live in London and Cornwall.


Director, Centre for International Learning & Leadership (2019 – present)

CILL promotes international thinking, values and skills to young people, educators and employers in the UK and around the world. We also run My Career Box, an international training programme for young people looking for a sense of direction and the right job.

CEO, Momentum World CIC (2008 – present)

Working with partners in the UK and over 40 other countries, Momentum World is a non-formal education and training organisation which develops young people’s leadership skills and employability through international projects.

Various, British Council (1986 – 2006)

Assistant Director in Ethiopia, China and Greece. Director, northern Greece (Thessaloniki). Assistant Policy Director for Central and South Eastern Europe. Director, Republic of (North) Macedonia.


I specialise in strategic and project management in the education and cultural sectors; cultural relations; intercultural dialogue and learning; design and delivery of projects, events and networks; inspiring, engaging and empowering young people. I have over 30 years experience working internationally in these fields.

I welcome invitations to public speaking engagements. I also enjoy helping other people develop their speaking and presentation skills, and am always open to requests to run workshops of this kind, for schools or other groups.

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What People Say

Andrew, a man who radically changed my opinion about the British people! Very positive and professional organizer!

You help people realise what they’re doing right, and then make them think about how they could do it even better.

Your calm, collected and precise approach made learning super efficient and fun: a great thinker and communicator.

Your enthusiasm and drive are a constant inspiration. Every time I work alongside you, I change for the better.

Andrew is approachable, softly spoken but passionate, He truly believes in the work he does.

I am inspired by your passion, energy and values. Your leadership example is one I look up to.